• Organize mobile health camps with free medicine and assistive devices.
  • Construction of Birthing Centre.
  • Human Resource support to Birthing Centre.
  • Health equipment support to sub-health post.
  • Training to health staff.
  • Psychosocial support, counselling and mental health services to beneficiaries.
  • Raising awareness about safe abortion, family planning and health care rights through advocacy campaign and social mobilization.


  • Equip school teachers in remote communities with teaching technique to create better teaching and learning environment
  • Human Resource (Teachers) support to needy schools in the remote communities
  • Learning materials support and improvement of school infrastructure
  • Scholarship support to poor, vulnerable and marginalized children
  • Awareness raising activities including street drama and documentary shows in the communities and in schools to illustrate the importance of education.


  • Agriculture based livelihoods activities such as; training on improved vegetable and livestock farming, market chain analysis, micro irrigation technology, micro saving credit activities, Account Keepingand providing seeds money to needy households after well-being ranking survey
  • Capacity building to promote access to services
  • Skill enhancement: vocational skills basedtrainings
  • Empower and aware people to get an access to financial services i.e. saving and credit cooperatives and micro finance.

Advocacy for women/girls empowerment

  • Strengthen the capacity of social leaders, and women’s networks, women’s groups to enable rural women to claim their rights and fight institutions of stereotyped patriarchal system.
  • Promote and strengthen women’s leadership, advocate to end and take actions against discriminatory legal provisions and any kind of violence against women.
  • Participate on campaigning activities and collaborate with like-minded institutions, networks to ensure women’s access, mobility and control over productive resources and decision making role.
  • Work towards engaging men, boys and traditional healers to promote gender-equitable attitudes and behaviours among them to advance gender equality.
  • Men Engagement is taken as program strategy in women and girls empowerment programs and projects.
  • Social analysis to strengthen local capacity to transform social norms, values and social political power relations.

Disaster Risk Reduction and Humanitarian Support

  • Re/formation of Local Disaster Response Management Committee (LDRMC) and prepare Local Disaster Response Management Plan (LDRMP)
  • Training on to communities for disaster resilience practices, first aid and conduct disaster mock drill.
  • Strengthens district emergency operation centre and establishment of Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) in working areas, develop guidelines about the operation of DRF and provide training for fund raising skills for DRF.

Social Business/Meteri Recycle Center

  • Social business activities such as: collect second hand clothes from organizations, people and trust, recycle to the clothes and send to rural area with the subsidized price {Transportation only}.
  • Support to the people of marginalized one with supporting clothes.
  • Help for the basic need of clothes.