Research Finding Sharing Program

Action Works Nepal {AWON} and Bheri Environmental Excellence {BEE} Group, in support of European Commission, organized an event named Research Finding Sharing program, A Study on Chhaupadi effects on Health, Education, Mobility and Leadership skills of women and adolescents girls, psychological thoughts and belief of local onChhaupadi in the project areas: Jumla, Mugu and Kalikot and situation of national laws, policies and Chhaupadi Elimination Guideline 2007 on 17th July, 2017. The aim of this workshop was to disseminate the key findingsof five action research. Participants included representatives from departments of the government, funding donor, NGOs/INGOs, media groups, individual writers, Advocate, etc.The research’s insights, learning and recommendations are hence expected to add value in verifying and/or evidence-based redesigning the Chhaupadi elimination related program, if necessary. It will also unearth the better understanding associated to contemporary issues, challenges and opportunities to eliminate the Chhaupadi practice. Participants gave the suggestion to connect the program with other livelihood program for sustainability of the program and organize campaign as “Be safe, clean, eat, drink and sleep at home”.Also they insisted to organize sensitization of the program link up with religion and target to the people as daughter-in-law, mothers, role models, traditional healers, change maker etc.