Interaction program on Chhaupadi

More than a decade the Supreme Court outlawed Chhaupadi, an ancient Hindu practice banishes women from the home during menstruation and after child birth. By giving attention on that issue, the Criminal Code Bill passed by the Parliament on August 9, 2017, criminalizes an ancient practice Chhaupadi. The new law stipulates a three-month jail sentence or Rs 3,000 fine, or both, for anyone forcing a woman to follow the custom. Also, Action Works Nepal and Bheri Environment Excellence {BEE} Group had conducted five action researches at the 21 VDCs of Jumla, Mugu and Kalikot. In that context, Action Works Nepal, in support of European Union, organized an event named interaction program on Chhaupadi on 13 August, 2017. The aim of that program was to discuss about Criminal Code Bill that really announces or not the need of women all round of Nepal with CA Member and lawyer Mr. Krishna Bhakta Pokhrel, who was co-chairperson of the committee that pushed the bill through. And to share research insights, learning and recommendations to expect for adding value in verifying and/ or evidence-based redesigning the Chhaupadi elimination related program, if necessary. For more update: