AWON Leads Health Camps in Remote VDCs of Kavre, 2015

Action Works Nepal (AWON) organized health camps focused on older people in 4 remote VDCs of Kavre. A mobile health camp team spent 11 days; 6 days for health camps and 5 days for walking from 29 September to 9 October 2015 in Budhakhani, Foksingtar, Banakhuchaur and Ghartichhap VDCs, also known as Dandapari (across the hills) and 'Karnali of Kavre' Altogether, 717 persons have benefited from the health camps of which 374 are male and 344 are female. Of the 717 persons, while 539 are over 60 years old, other 178 persons are under 60. The persons underage than the target were provided medical services because of their higher or emergency needs. After having their health checked by a general physician and an orthopedist, the patients were provided with medicines as prescribed. The specialist doctors have spent lots of time in counselling as well. As necessary, blood sugar test and ECG test were also carried out. A total of 15 patients had ECG test and 67 patients had blood sugar tested during the camps. Referral supports were provided to some older persons who urgently need to go to higher medical centers but have poor economic status. In coordination with Tilganga Eye Center, AWON also had an ophthalmic team which managed eye check-ups. Almost all of the patients had their eyes checked. A total of 258 eyeglasses were distributed and 110 patients have been identified for cataract surgery. AWON will manage free cataract surgery of the identified individuals in coordination with and support from Tilganga Eye Center. When asked, many of the older persons said that they did not know of such camps from other organizations before and wished to have such camps brought to them routinely. Many older persons who were weak and ill of many diseases were overjoyed to have their health checked by a doctor. AWON had led emergency health camps in some of these VDCs just after the April 25 earthquake. At the same time, need for health camps for other age groups, especially women and children, were expressed. HelpAge International has provided financial support for these health camps.